Savage Cyberpunk Wiki

The 2070s are a dangerous time to live in. In many urban areas, you'd have to be crazy (or suicidal, or stupid) to even consider walking around in just a t-shirt and jeans. You need protection; from the acid rain, from air pollution, from ultraviolet radiation, and from, oh yeah, bullets.


Clothing Weight Cost Avail
Vendortrash Clothing 1 20 C
Regular Clothing 1 50+ C
Fine Clothing 1 500+ U
Tres Chic 1 1,000+ R

Vendortrash Clothing[]

Worn only by the poorest of the poor and those who really don't care what they look like, these soy-based "flats" can be bought from vending machines all over the sprawl. It's ugly, uncomfortable, and barely held together, but it's still slightly better than going naked.

Regular Clothing[]

Clothing in the 2070s comes in a bewildering array of styles, and sports amazing features such as commlinks, music players, and other electronics woven right into the fabric and owered by miniscule batteries or special energy-gathering fabrics.

Fine Clothing[]

Fine clothing is of obviously higher quality than its regular counterparts. This is what you wear when you want to impress, get noticed in the club, or close the deal on that high-credit contract.

Tres Chic[]

This is the real-deal, as far as clothing is concerned. Tres chic threads are high-fashion garments designed to catch attention and hold it. Wearing tres chic clothes tells everyone who sees you that you've hit the big time, and you've got the taste - and credits - to prove it. It's also a great way to get shanked and left in a ditch in the less-savory areas of the sprawl.

Protective Clothing[]

Clothing Armor Weight Capacity Cost Avail Notes
Armored Clothing +1 +1 6 +500 C Covers torso, arms, legs; see notes
Armored Jacket +2 6 12 1,000 C Covers torso, arms
ED Business Suit +2 5 8 1,500 U Covers torso, arms, legs; see notes
Lined Coat +2 8 9 900 C Covers torso, arms, legs; see notes

Armored Clothing[]

Lightweight ballistic mesh makes these garments almost impossible to detect as armor. They don't provide as much protection as real armor, but it's available in a wide variety of styles to match any taste.

Armored Jacket[]

The most popular armor solution on the streets, armored jackets come in all styles imaginable. They offer decent protection without catching too much attention.

Executive Decision Business Suit[]

This discreetly armored “power suit” is a popular choice among Mr. Johnsons, faces, and fixers looking for a little high-class protection coupled with style. It features a concealable holster in the jacket.

Lined Coat[]

These long coats have been consistently popular on the mean streets of the world’s metropoli for decades. Besides its protective traits, the lined coat provides a +2 to Stealth rolls made to conceal something beneath it.

Tactical Armor[]

Clothing Armor Weight Capacity Cost Avail Notes
Chameleon Suit +2 2 9 1,700 RR Covers torso, arms, legs; see notes
Combat Armor, Light +4 15 15 8,000 UR Covers entire body; see notes
Combat Armor, Medium +6 20 18 14,000 RR Covers entire body; see notes
Combat Armor, Heavy +8 30 20 20,000 RR Covers entire body; see notes
Concealable Vest +2 8 9 500 U Covers torso

Chameleon Suit[]

This full-body suit has an active camouflage mesh supported by a sensor suite; the technology allows it to scan its surroundings and replicate images at the proper perspectives. This adds +4 to Stealth rolls versus visual detection, but has no effect against thermographic vision or other forms of detection.

Combat Armor[]

Impossible to conceal, this armor is worn by military and security personnel around the world for heavy ops duty. It is styled for intimidation as well as ease of movement, with a full array of tactical holsters, pouches, and webbing, and is certain to draw attention. It is available in light, medium, and heavy versions, with all versions featuring a helmet with Capacity 6 for the purpose of being equipped with vision or audio enhancements.

Concealable Vest[]

This modern flex-wrap vest is designed to be worn under regular clothing without displaying any bulk.

Modifying Armor[]

Any piece of armor can be upgraded with a range of modifications. See the Clothing and Armor Modifications page for more details.