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Any piece of armor can be upgraded with a range of modifications. Armor modifications have variable Capacity costs, and each modification has a Rating of between 1 and 6, except where noted.


Modification Capacity Cost Avail
Armored Clothing - +500 C
Chemical Protection [Rating] Rating x 250 C
Chemical Seal [6] 3,000 RR
Fire Resistance [Rating] Rating x 250 U
Insulation [Rating] Rating x 250 U
Nonconductivity [Rating] Rating x 250 U
Thermal Damping [Rating] Rating x 500 RR

Armored Clothing[]

Any type of clothing can be modified with ballistic weave and other protective materials. While technically a modification, Armored Clothing functions as a type of armor, and its statistics can be found on the Armor page. It is included in this list for completeness.

Chemical Protection[]

Water-resistant, non-porous, impermeable materials, and a coating of neutralizing agents protect the wearer against contact-vector toxins. Add the Rating of the Chemical Protection modification to Vigor rolls to resist contact-vector toxins and to the wearer's Armor against acidic attacks.

Chemical Seal[]

Available only to full body armor that includes a helmet, the chemical seal is an airtight environmental control that takes an action to activate. It provides complete protection against contact- and inhalation-vector chemicals, but can only be used for a total of an hour (the limit of the air supply) at a time.

Wireless: Activating the chemical seal is a free action.

Fire Resistance[]

Fire-retardant, non-flammable materials protect the wearer against Fire damage. Fire damage does not ignore the wearer's Armor, and the Rating of the Fire Resistance modification is added to the wearer's Toughness against fire-based attacks. A character wearing armor with the Fire Resistance modification never catch fire.


Thermal fibers and heat-retentive materials protect the wearer from the cold. Add the Rating of the Insulation modification to Vigor rolls to resist cold weather, and add the Rating of the modification to their Toughness against cold-based attacks.


Electrical insulation and non-conductive materials protect the wearer against electricity damage. Add the Rating of the Nonconductivity modification to the wearer's Toughness to resist electricity-based attacks.

Thermal Damping[]

Designed to reduce your thermal signature, these inner layers capture or bleed heat, so the outer layers maintain a surface temperature equal to the surrounding air. Add the Rating of the Thermal Damping modification to Stealth rolls made to sneak past thermal sensors or those with thermographic vision.