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Over the last century, drone technology has advanced in leaps and bounds. With the advent of the global DataNet and simsense, drone pilots, known as riggers, can now literally be their drones, seeing through their sensors and experiencing the world around it as though they were physically present.


Drone Cost Avail
Shiawase Kanmushi 1,000 C
Sikorsky-Bell Microskimmer 1,000 C


Drone Cost Avail
Aspari Fly-Spy 2,000 C

Horizon Flying Eye

2,000 C

Small Drones[]

Drone Cost Avail
Cayman Crawler 4,000 C
Lockheed Optic-X2 21,000 R

Medium Drones[]

Drone Cost Avail
Ares Duelist 4,500 CR
GM Doberman    5,000 CR
Nissan Roto-Drone 5,000 U

Large Drones[]

Drone Cost Avail
Cyberspace Designs Dalmatian 10,000 UR
EuroCorp Steel Lynx 25,000 RR