Savage Cyberpunk Wiki

Most Edges from Savage Worlds Deluxe are available in Savage Cyberpunk, and several have been added as well.

Prohibited Edges[]

Several Edges from Savage Worlds Adventure Edition are inappropriate for Savage Cyberpunk.

  • All Power Edges
  • Arcane Background
  • Arcane Resistance/Improved Arcane Resistance

New Edges[]

Background Edges[]


Requirements: Novice

You blend into a crowd; you’re seldom noticed and easily forgotten. You are unremarkable in every aspect of physical appearance. Anyone attempting to describe the character cannot come up with anything more precise than “average height, average build, average hair, etc.” You gain a +2 bonus to Stealth when trying to blend into crowds, appear anonymous, or similar activities. You also gain a +2 bonus to Persuasion when trying to disguise yourself, or trick someone into believing you’re someone else. Characters with this Edge cannot select the Attractive or Very Attractive Edges or the Obese, Small, or Ugly Hindrances.

Cyber Tolerant[]

Requirements: Novice

Your body handles cyberware better than most. Your maximum Strain for cyberware is increased by +4.

Eidetic Memory[]

Requirements: Novice

You rarely forget anything you have experienced, even the most trivial information noticed in passing can be called up later with next to no effort. You can recall faces, dates, numbers, or anything else you have seen or heard.


Requirements: Novice

You don’t officially exist, and never did; someone or something actively works to remove all traces of you from the system. Maybe it’s an elite hacker who owes you a favor, or a sophisticated program suite, but the end result is that your data trail and records vanish from all but the most secure systems shortly after being entered. Any SIN, unwanted data, undesirable credit history, or personal information you want gone is burnt within 24 hours, while any data you want preserved will be left untouched. Note that vanishing data may prove an unwanted complication if you’re in custody or doing prison time (the authorities may “forget” you’re there).

Combat Edges[]

Augmented Warrior[]

Requirements: Novice, Martial Artist, Agility d8+, Cyberlimb

You have learned to use your cyberlimb for both offensive and defensive purposes, granting you two benefits: either +1 to unarmed damage rolls made with the limb or +1 to Parry. You may choose which one you wish to use as a free action, but you must decide this at the start of your turn.

Dragon Lash[]

Requirements: Seasoned, Martial Artist

With a flurry of blows and throws, you are often able to clear those around you. Dragon Lash allows you to make a Push maneuver against every adjacent target (friend or foe). You make the opposed Strength roll at -2 against each target individually. You may not use Dragon Lash in the same round as you use Frenzy or Rapid Attack.

Improved Dragon Lash[]

Requirements: Heroic, Dragon Lash

As Dragon Lash, but you may ignore the -2 penalty on the opposed Strength roll.

Gun-Fu Disciple[]

Requirements: Seasoned, Agility d8+, Shooting d8+

You are on the path of Gun-Fu, known by some as “the way of the gun”. In most people’s hand, a gun is merely a clumsy weapon. In yours, it is an extension of your body, the focus of your art form. When using a gun in close combat, you are not considered Unarmed. You can move up to half your Pace in the same round you use the Aim maneuver (including when using the Marksman Edge).

Gun Fu Master[]

Requirements: Heroic, Gun-Fu Disciple, Agility d10+, Shooting d10+

Your mastery of Gun-Fu has advanced to such a degree that you can move your full Pace in the same round you use the Aim maneuver (including when using the Marksman Edge).

Gun Fu Legend[]

Requirements: Legendary, Gun Fu Master

Your mastery of Gun-Fu has advanced to such a degree that you can run as a free action in the same round you use the Aim maneuver (including when using the Marksman Edge).

Martial Adept[]

Requirements: Seasoned, Block, Improved Block

You make deadly combat look like a beautifully choreographed dance – a true art in its own right. Your hands flash like a Renaissance master’s brush, laying low all enemies in your path with strength, speed, and finesse. A character with this Edge doesn’t suffer from gang-up bonuses.

Pack Fighting[]

Requirements: Seasoned, Fighting d8+

You have a natural talent for turning overwhelming force into overwhelming damage. You add half your gang-up bonus (rounded down) to damage for melee attacks.

Improved Pack Fighting[]

Requirements: Heroic, Pack Fighting, Fighting d10+

Your ability to capitalize on greater numbers has become astounding. Your bonus damage from Pack Fighting is equal to your gang-up bonus.

Steel Dragon Punch/Kick[]

Requirements: Seasoned, Strength d6+, Cyberlimb

You have learned to leverage your cybernetics to your advantage. When you hit a foe in melee using your cyberlimb, with a raise you can choose to forgo the additional damage die to send your foe reeling back 1d4”. If the opponent strikes a solid object, they are shaken. This can cause a wound.

Professional Edges[]


Requirements: Novice, Agility d8+, Fighting d8+, Notice d6+

Bodyguards make their living by protecting someone else. This means they not only have to be aware of any potential dangers, but must be able to act quickly and effectively to prevent any harm from coming to their charge. A character with this Edge gains a +2 bonus to Notice checks made to detect potential ambushes or similar dangers. Additionally, the character may spend a Benny once per round to place themselves in the way of any attack against a person within 5”. All Fighting rolls are then made against the bodyguard’s Parry, and he suffers the effects of any successful attacks. This can be done at any time, regardless of the bodyguard’s Initiative, and counts as a free action; any other actions must be taken on their own initiative card.